5 Lies The World Wants Young People To Believe February 8, 2016 -Leah DelCamp

5 Lies The World Wants Young People To Believe February 8, 2016 -Leah DelCamp

6aaa8c94096b409b8326606af3416c05Here are some of the top lies that today’s world would have us believe:

1.) No one saves themselves for marriage anymore.

More and more young people are realizing the negative consequences of having sex outside of the strong, loving and lasting environment of marriage and are choosing to wait for their future spouse. They’ve seen the harm and heartbreak it has caused for others and recognize that the only fail-safe and most rewarding way is saving sex for marriage. Don’t believe the lie that waiting for marriage is impossible or undesirable.

2. Parents/adults can’t relate or are out-dated thinkers.

Sure, your parents or adult influences grew up in a different era than you are currently living in, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t go through the same or similar struggles and experiences you have. In fact, they can relate to what you’re facing more than you may think they can. They undoubtably dealt with peer pressure, bullying, dating, and other life choices just as you are dealing with in your current life. If you both are open and honest, I suspect you have more in common than you even realize. Work to find that connection and common ground rather than looking for or magnifying your differences. Learn from each other.

3. Media doesn’t influence how we think.

Ever watch a commercial about food and instantly start craving that food or even decide to make or eat that food not long after seeing the commercial? That’s just a mild example of how we are influenced by what we see or are told. We must gaurd our hearts and minds constantly because most everywhere we go there is a commercial, billboard or magazine trying to intice us to succumb to our urges whether it’s a food craving or a sexual appetite. Be aware of what and who your influences are.

4. What you do in your teen years won’t have any real effect on your future.

Having a beer at a party may seem like a fun idea at the time, but getting arrested at that party for underage drinking or getting pulled over for drinking while intoxicated can really put a mark on your record and tarnish your future. Having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend may seem like an act of love but contracting an STD from them that has no cure can seriously alter your future. Never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret!

5. Image is everything.

Our world would love us to believe that being “cool” is the most important thing. You have to have the latest phone or best clothes or new car or you are simply a loser. We’ve equated what we have or how we’re percieved as determining how valuable we are. But our value doesn’t come from what we have or what anyone thinks about us. Our value is intrinsicly secured, stitched into our DNA before we even took our first breath. It’s not something we can earn, buy or be assigned. We simply are born valuable. So don’t buy into the lie that you have to look a certain way or have a certain IQ or bank account in order to be deemed valuable or worthy. You already are immeasurably valuable and no one can define or take away your God-given worth.