Abstinence is the new COOL – By Haleigh Abney (Creating Positive Relationships Instructor)

Abstinence is the new COOL – By Haleigh Abney (Creating Positive Relationships Instructor)

Haleigh 1_editHey everyone! Haven’t you heard the new word floating around the Wabash Valley? It’s exciting and amazing all at the same time. The word is “abstinence”- saving all intimate sexual contact for marriage. Every year, I am seeing more and more teens who want to follow the trend, so don’t be greedy! Just pass it on!

Growing up, I loved school so much that I just had to go back.So, in October of 2013, I was hired by the Crisis Pregnancy Center as a Creating Positive Relationships instructor in the public schools.  I have the privilege of teaching grades 6th-12th which includes giving students words of encouragement on how to have positive healthy relationships with friends, family and with those they are dating.  Walking into the classrooms, the enemy likes to set up camp. You definitely have to be ready for a battle, but it’s a battle I intend to win.

  I think, being as young as I am, the students really open up to me, not just as their instructor, but as a friend as well. Even as I share some of my own personal story, the students soon understand that peer pressure doesn’t have to affect their healthy choices. So often I hear the students say, “Miss Haleigh didn’t smoke, drink, and is saving herself until marriage; therefore, I can do that too because my gift of sex IS worth saving.”

Being a CPR instructor for the Crisis Pregnancy Center has changed my life. I enjoy what I do and know that God has me on in the right place.   As long as I impact the lives of the students, I know I have made a difference.

 “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” I intend to make the biggest mark I can. This past year, I have built relationships that will last a lifetime.  Plus, I look forward to what the 2014-2015 school year has to bring. And remember…Abstinence is the new cool. So what have you been waiting for? Spread the word.

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  • Posted November 19, 2014 3:10 pm
    by Ellspeth

    Sex is such an important part of life as an adult and should not be taken lightly or treated cheaply – it is a precious gift. Thanks for the stand you are taking.

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