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Creating Positive Relationships




“I learned a ton this week such as not being able to pick your consequence. This really changed my mind about a lot of stuff. I am choosing abstinence because of what we talked about this week.” – Honey Creek Middle School 8th Grade Student

“I learned about maturity, responsibility, and puberty.  It impacted me by telling me to be safe and not have sex until marriage which helps me because I didn’t know any of that before.” – North Clay 6th Grade Student

“What I think will be the most helpful to me in the future is setting boundaries in relationships to prevent sexual activity so I can meet my goals in life.” – Woodrow Wilson School 7th Grade Student

Website: https://www.cpr4teens.org
Instagram: Cpr_terrehaute

The Creating Positive Relationships Program is based out of Indianapolis.  The CPC became an affiliate in 1992.  For full details of the program, check out the CPR website above.  The CPR program provides the CPC with all materials needed  for each grade and also provides updated statistics to share in the classroom.

The mission of the Creating Positive Relationships Program is to build character in young people, empowering them to develop healthy relationships, benefiting their communities and society.

Every year in the Wabash Valley, we share with about 5,000 students the message of healthy relationships.  This program helps students recognize, understand and create positive relationships.  Our feedback from the students is that almost half of them make a choice for abstinence after participating in the program.

Our program is built upon relationships with the school corporation, teachers, parents and students.  We host parent meetings before sharing the program in the middle schools.  Parents are also included in the program by receiving notifications in writing and summaries of the lessons for each grade.

It is our hope that parents would be engaged in conversation with their students and that parents are the primary source of information.

Many of the positive topics covered are: how to respect themselves and others, how to stand up when they are feeling pressured by their peers, how to set healthy boundaries in physical affection, reminding them of their value as a person, ways to communicate effectively when talking to peers, parent or in dating relationships.

Rebecca Lohse – CPR Coordinator