My Crisis Pregnancy Experience

My Crisis Pregnancy Experience


In December 2012, before I left Indiana State University for Christmas Break, my menstrual cycle had just ended. When I arrived at home, I spent majority of my time with my boyfriend. As the days went past and it got closer to going back to school, I began to notice my body was changing. I would have numerous migraines, weird appetites and unusual fatigue. Also, my breast was very sore. I couldn’t even lay on them without saying “ouch!” I hinted to my boyfriend at the time that I may be pregnant but both of us figured since I just had a cycle it was too early to determine. I told him if I miss one day I was going to take a pregnancy test. The day my cycle was supposed to start, it did not start. That’s when the pregnancy scare came upon me. I procrastinated and held out on the test because I had a talk with a couple of friends that reminded me, as women, our body changes and cycles don’t always stay the same. When February came, the same date as my previous cycles came around again. I said to myself “I have missed one too many days; I am going to get tested tomorrow.”

I remember my experience at Crisis Pregnancy Center like it was yesterday. It was Wednesday, February 6, 2013. After I finished my classes for that day, I went to my friends’ dorm. It was around four o’clock when the five of us started the conversation about my pregnancy scare. All of us had our own personal thoughts about the situation but still managed to come together and supportive. At the time, neither one of us was familiar with Terre Haute when I initiated I needed a pregnancy test.  We immediately got on google and searched “free pregnancy tests near Indiana State University.” The first thing that popped up was “Crisis Pregnancy Center.” As I explained my situation to Ms. Mickey, someone looked up the directions in walking distance from the school. It was pouring down raining and Mickey announced, “We could schedule you an appointment now if you can get here within the next ten minutes because we close at five o’clock. Also, In order for us to do an ultrasound you have to have a full bladder so make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water”. I responded, “I’ll be there but if I happen to be late I’ll reschedule because my friend and I will be walking.” She replied “Ok. We are here waiting on you Ms. Wilson and I have your information to contact you back before we leave our office. “As soon as she hung up, we all went our separate ways and I began drinking bottles of waters.  My best friend and I began to run in order to make it to the appointment on time.

During our journey, I could not keep up and began to take breaks which caused us to lose time. I told my friend that I could not make it so go ahead of me and I’ll be there. When we arrived at the building, my phone started ringing. It was Ms. Mickey. “Hello Raven, how far away are you?” In response I said, “I am on the stair case, just as soon as I could make it to the top I will be there.” We both laughed and ended the conversation. When I made it to the office, I was greeted with open arms and introduced to Ms. Dixie. I filled out all the information on the information charts then took a urine sample. I began to silently say my prayers as we waited for my results. When Ms. Dixie looked up at me and smiled, I already knew my results. She said “Well congratulations Ms. Wilson, you are 8 weeks pregnant”. I did not know how to react. I began to laugh and cry at the same time. She said, “You could go share your results with your friend if you like while I prepare you for the rest of your visit.” I walked out the room to share my results and contemplate on what my decision would be.

When we all returned back into the waiting room, Ms. Dixie asked if she could pray for me and my family. My heart at the time was so heavy. I had thoughts about some of everything at that time. I was scared of what others would, how I would finish school and where we would live. My mother died in 2005, I learned everything I needed to know about children from older family members and a childhood development class I took in high school. After Ms. Dixie prayer, I felt relieved and happy! I knew I wanted to keep the baby but I did not speak with the father in order to verify his decision. Ms. Dixie had made a big impact on my decision with her prayer and the tears that she shed when she confirmed the pregnancy. She gave me a lot of positive advice and lots of material for me to review to help me make the right decision. I returned back to Crisis Pregnancy Center the next day after sharing my news with those close to me and reviewing the materials. When I announced to Ms. Dixie and Ms. Mickey I was keeping the baby they both gave me hugs and words of encouragement. I even got a chance to have an ultrasound with a baby bud figure so I could see what my baby look like at two months. Also Ms. Dixie gave me a special teddy bear to give to my child once it was born that made the wound sound whenever he or she sleeps. Those gifts were so meaningful which I adore because it will help me to always remember my experience.

I really am honored to have had my pregnancy confirmed at Crisis Pregnancy Center because the woman there has been a huge blessing to me. If it was not for the women there that made me feel so confident and motivated in my decision, I would not have had a beautiful baby girl to share life with. They have continuously checked upon us and I honestly appreciate them with all my heart. I pray that these women continue to make a difference in women’s lives daily. I would not trade my daughter for the world. She has brought me so many blessings and joy. My child has taught me to value life and be positive, motivational, helpful, and dedicated towards everything I do so we can succeed. I could not think of any better way than to thank Crisis Pregnancy Center for helping me because even though she was not planned and some people told me not to have her, she is the best thing that has happened to my life so far. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! by Raven Wilson