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Medical Services

The Medical Clinic at the Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Wabash Valley operates under the direction and licensure of our Medical Director, Frank Zwerner MD. The Medical Clinic is licensed by the State of Indiana with a certificate of PPM (Provider-Performed Microscopy Procedures); and as an STD Screening Clinic.

Medical Staff:
Dr. Frank Zwerner – Volunteer Medical Clinic Director
Dr. Dustin Ellis – Volunteer Staff Doctor
Dr. Eric Beachy – Volunteer Staff Doctor
Ann Mishler – Volunteer Nurse Practitioner
Barb Purnell – Volunteer Nurse Practitioner
RN – Lauren Millington, Medical Mobile Unit Nurse Manager
LPN – Angie Millar, Nurse Manager
Mary Hargis – Staff Sonographer

STI’s (except for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea), PAP Smears, Breast Exams and other examinations are performed by medical professionals.

Many Services Free, All Confidential
– Pregnancy Test (urine) – Free
– *Pregnancy Test (blood draw) – $10 Lab Fee
– Accurate Information on all options
– *Limited Ultrasound – when medically indicated

STD screening for Men and Women
– HIV– $5 (finger stick)
– Female Chlamydia & Gonorrhea – $15 (vaginal swab)
– Male Chlamydia & Gonorrhea – $15 (urine sample or rectal swab)
*Treatment for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea – Free
– *Syphilis – $10 (blood draw) $12 (finger-stick)
– *Hepatitis B – $10 Lab Fee
– *Hepatitis C – $10 Lab Fee

*Medical Clinic Services
– *PAP smear – $20 Lab Fee
– *PAP smear w/ HPV – $60 Lab Fee
– *Bacterial Vaginosis – Free
– *Yeast Infection – Free
– *Trichomoniasis – Free
– *Herpes – Free (visual exam)
– *Breast Examinations – Free

* Services must be medically indicated and performed by a medical professional. Appointment is required
** Not all services are available on the Mobile Medical Unit

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