An unplanned pregnancy can bring a lot of stress into the relationship with your partner or boyfriend. Fear and not understanding the options available may cause your partner to pressure you to have an abortion. But is that what you really want?

You should never feel pressured into a medical decision you’re uncomfortable with. Giving yourself a little time to learn about all the options can bring clarity and confidence to your final decision. 

Be Confident of Your Safety

As you navigate the options for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, remember your safety and the safety of your unborn child are the highest priority. 

Disagreements about what’s best for the future can sometimes escalate into physical or emotional abuse from an intimate partner. If at any point you feel threatened or harmed, The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 at 800-799-7233. 

Learn About Your Options

While an unplanned pregnancy may not be ideal, they are very common. Depending on a woman’s medical history and gestation of her pregnancy (how old the pregnancy is), women typically have three options available: abortion, adoption, or parenting. 


Regardless of marketing efforts, an abortion is a major medical procedure and comes with certain physical and emotional health risks. You should never obtain abortion medication without a doctor’s supervision, as this bypasses safeguards put in place by the FDA to protect your health.

Crisis Pregnancy Center offers women honest and informative information about the types of abortions available. 


Have you thought about adoption? Adoption allows women to essentially carry on with their life goals after the pregnancy has come to term. 

Adoption can also provide women with a similar outcome to abortion but without the physical risks. 


While parenting may feel overwhelming at first, a strong support system and hands-on learning can set a great foundation for women to thrive in motherhood. 

Reaching out to local resource centers is a great way to learn more about parenting and if it’s possible for your unique situation. 

We Can Help 

Knowledge is power, and you deserve to be informed before making future decisions about your unplanned pregnancy. 

The Crisis Pregnancy Center is here for you. Our staff will provide clear, unbiased information about abortion, adoption and parenting. You get to decide what’s best for your pregnancy and your future. 

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