Who Are You?   By Libby Butts (Brazil Director of Client Services)

Who Are You? By Libby Butts (Brazil Director of Client Services)

Libby 1_editIn our world today it is easy to forget who we are. TV reality shows only reveal what they want us to see.  Commercials promote whatever it takes to sell their products and movies invade our imaginations with fantasies no one can live up to.  Yet we often choose to allow these very things to tell us who we are.  Is it an identity crisis?  Or, could it be an information crisis?

Jesus tells us a story of a man who fell captive to the ways of his culture.  Although this man’s master had made him a steward, he was not behaving as such. However, one day when the accuser came forward to present his case against the steward, the steward remembered who his master said he was- a steward.  In choosing to remember who he was he began to behave as such and was suddenly, back on the right track.

God our creator has made us in His image.  He has made us to be His children.  He says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  He says we are the apple of his eye.  He says we are more than conquerors. He says we are never alone and never forsaken.  He says we have a purpose.  He says we are good.  He says we are blessed.  He says we are above and not beneath.  He says we can do all things through Him because He will strengthen us.  He says we are loved with an everlasting love!

Many people do not know who they are or rather who they can be in Christ Jesus.  Sharing this information with others is the greatest opportunity we have here at the C.P.C.  With all the miss-information out there in the world, this truth of who we are in Christ is still the best news to be able to share with anyone.  Why?  Because this is the kind of information that changes lives, heals lives, restores lives.  Greater still, It gives life!