Staring down at a positive pregnancy test can be devastating; especially if you feel unprepared to parent a child. If your thoughts have turned to abortion, you’re not alone. 

Abortion is commonly thought of as the easiest solution to an unwanted pregnancy. However, an abortion is a major medical procedure. 

Here’s what needs to happen before scheduling an abortion. 

Confirm Your Pregnancy

It might sound redundant, but confirming your pregnancy with a medical grade test is an important step. The Mayo Clinic estimates that nearly 20% of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. 

So while you may have gotten a positive reading from an at-home test, it’s good to be certain your pregnancy is still alive and growing before scheduling an abortion.

Receive An Ultrasound

Ultrasounds provide important information about a pregnancy like the gestational age, location and viability. 


Like confirming a pregnancy, an ultrasound can show whether or not your pregnancy is still growing by detecting a fetal heartbeat. 


Normal pregnancies implant and grow inside the uterus. On rare occasions, a pregnancy will attach and develop outside of the uterus; this is known as an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is not viable, meaning it will need to be removed. If left undetected, an ectopic pregnancy can rupture and cause severe and even life-threatening blood loss. 

Gestational Age

When considering an abortion, you’ll need to know exactly how many weeks old your pregnancy is. Known scientifically as gestational age, this will guide your doctor or healthcare provider in determining what type of abortion is needed in your situation. 

The abortion pill, for example, is only effective in terminating pregnancies up to 10 weeks old. Pregnancies more than 10 weeks old will only be candidates for a surgical abortion. 

Explore All Your Options

Walking through an unplanned pregnancy can feel isolating. At Crisis Pregnancy Center, we believe no woman should have to take that journey alone. 

If you’re curious about the options available for your pregnancy, our center provides a safe and friendly environment to ask questions and get the honest answers you deserve. 

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