Before Considering Abortion

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, your first step is to schedule a free pre-abortion screening to answer 4 essential question:

1. Is my pregnancy viable?

Up to 1 in 4 pregnancies end naturally by miscarriage.

    2. How far along am I?

    Your gestational age determines the cost and type of abortion that you could be eligible for.

    3. Do I have an STD?

    Having any type of abortion with an untreated STD jeopardizes a woman’s health by increasing her risk of infection and other complications.

    4. Am I anemic or have the Rh factor?

    Anemia during pregnancy is experienced by as many as 37-45% of women.  It is associated with an increased risk for blood transfusions, postpartum depression and increased mortality.

    You may not need an abortion. Up to 1 in 4 pregnancies end naturally by miscarriage. It’s important to know what is happening with your body as you consider your options and make plans for your next steps.   

    Knowing your blood type and Rh Factor is important before having any type of abortion especially after 8 weeks. If a woman is Rh negative, she is at risk of developing complications with future pregnancies. 

    Our free evaluation will help you make the pregnancy decision that’s right for you.

    At your appointment

    You will meet with a client advocate and a nurse who will:

    • Review your health history and answer your medical questions.
    • Provide a clinical pregnancy test.  If positive,
      • Perform an ultrasound exam to confirm pregnancy and more accurately estimate how far along you are.
      • Provide STD testing.
      • Provide blood work screening to determine the Rh factor and anemia.
      • Review all of your pregnancy options, including abortion procedures.

      We offer pre-abortion screening, but do not perform or refer for the abortion procedure.  Contact us to schedule your free pre-abortion screening.