You’re not wrong or unusual to feel negative emotions after an abortion procedure. Each woman’s reaction is unique, but there are many shared emotions around this experience.

Whether you are experiencing anxiety, grief, loss, or just negative mental health effects, it’s essential to recognize your feelings are valid and take steps to find healing.

There is a correlation between women who have an abortion and those who have negative mental health. This means that you are not alone–many women have felt this way and have gone on to find healing! 

Give Yourself Time and Space

Healing from an abortion is a personal journey that cannot be rushed. It is normal not to instantly bounce back to how you felt before, so be gentle with yourself.

Try not to pressure yourself with expectations for healing; instead, listen to what your mind and body need in the present moment. Prioritize self-care as you process your emotions.

Seek Post-Abortive Care 

While having a personal support system is crucial, you may need to seek professional help as a counselor.

A licensed mental health professional is trained to understand how challenging life events can influence our thoughts and emotions. They make time to listen without judgment and help identify unhelpful patterns that may have developed.

They can help equip you with coping strategies so this chapter of your story no longer defines you.

Next Steps

Our no-cost services are available for women experiencing difficult emotions following an abortion. Reactions differ significantly – while relief is typical at first, some find that grief or despair emerges later. 

No matter how much time has passed since your abortion, we aim to provide compassionate support whether days, months, or years have passed. We offer medical exams, peer mentors, and referrals to qualified counselors. 

We’ll meet you where you’re at and work with you to create a plan where you can walk toward healing in confidence. If you want to start your healing journey, please contact us today to schedule a confidential appointment!