When Roe was overturned in June 2022, many women wondered what this meant for their rights and how this would impact the country. However, post-Roe, no matter which side women stand on, they can now vote on abortion rights and how they believe their state should regulate it.

What Did the Reversal Mean?

Originally in 1973, the Supreme Court stated that women could receive an elective abortion without the need for a life-threatening diagnosis behind their choice. This, in turn, did not allow the people to decide for themselves specific abortion laws or regulations regarding this issue.

However, after the Supreme Court’s overruling in June of 2022, the people will now vote according to their beliefs and dictate what regulations their state will institute on abortion.

What Can Women Do To Remain Vocal?

No matter where women stand, making time to go vote for candidates who hold the same beliefs and who will speak up for them is more important than ever. Participating in rallies or marches will assist in spreading awareness of women’s stances and help voices be heard.

Social media is another great way women can educate their audiences on their beliefs and why voters should join them.

Want More Information?

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