With the recent change in abortion legislation across the country, women may be considering an online or at-home abortion to end an unplanned pregnancy. But is a home abortion genuinely safe and effective?

While an at-home abortion may seem convenient, it’s essential to understand the risks and protocols surrounding the procedure before deciding if it’s the best choice for you. 

What Is An At-Home Abortion?

An online or at-home abortion is the abortion pill, also known as a medical abortion. The abortion pill method terminates a viable pregnancy by using two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol. The combination of these two drugs stops a pregnancy from growing and then causes uterine contractions to expel it. 

The entire process takes a couple of days to complete. Women typically experience bleeding, headaches, and cramping during the abortion. 

Is The Abortion Pill Safe and Effective?

While ordering the abortion pill online seems convenient, it does come with risks all women should be aware of. The FDA does not recommend ordering mifepristone online. Many online companies offer cheap drugs that do not meet FDA standards.

Risks Associated With the Abortion Pill

There are some potential risks of using the abortion pill method. These may include:

  • An incomplete abortion, which may require a surgical procedure
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding 
  • Infection  
  • Fever
  • Digestive system discomfort. 

FDA Precautions to Consider

In addition to the risks, the FDA approves the abortion pill method to terminate pregnancies no more than 10 weeks along. If you take the abortion pill too late in your pregnancy, it may not be effective in ending your pregnancy.

The FDA states on its webpage that a woman should take the abortion pill only under the guidance of a doctor or healthcare provider. You should also have access to emergency care.

Exploring Your Options

Abortion is just one of several options when it comes to handling an unplanned pregnancy. If you’d like more information about your pregnancy options or to speak with someone further about the abortion pill, contact Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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