Abortion can be very hard on a woman’s body and emotions. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and do not want another abortion, you do have other options.

In this article, we’ll explore the options of adoption and parenting. Knowledge is power, and learning the details about your pregnancy options can help you make a confident decision. 

All About Adoption

Are you not quite ready to embrace motherhood? Maybe you’re in the middle of school or want to focus on your career right now. Making an adoption plan allows women to continue their life pursuits after their child is born. 

The adoption process begins when you, the expectant woman or birth mother, choose an adoption agency to partner with. Your adoption coordinator acts as a liaison between you and the adoptive family. They guide you through the entire adoption process. 

Women who choose to place their child for adoption are in the driver’s seat. They select the family that will raise their child and determine how involved they want to be in their child’s future life.

Women say one of the deterrents for continuing a pregnancy is the financial burden. The good news is that expectant women who choose adoption may receive financial assistance for prenatal care and hospital expenses, if necessary. 

In addition, it’s possible to receive payment for pregnancy-related costs such as housing, maternity clothes, legal bills, and more. So don’t let the financial aspect of pregnancy and childbirth put you off of adoption. 

While women do often report experiencing a period of grief and sadness after the adoption is complete, adoption can still be very rewarding. Choose an adoption coordinator who provides thorough counseling before, during, and after placement.


Motherhood can be the most significant challenge and the greatest gift life offers. So, if becoming a mom scares you, you’re not alone. Almost everyone will tell you they were not ready for parenthood.

Asking the right questions and planning ahead of time can significantly increase your ability to thrive as a new mom. Will you have a support system nearby? Do you have a plan to continue your education or career? If you’re unsure about these questions, that’s ok! 

At Crisis Pregnancy Center, you can enroll in classes to learn about parenting, financial stability, newborn care, breastfeeding basics, car seat safety, and much more. 

Making a Plan

Pregnancy can feel very isolating, but remember, you’re not alone. The team at Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to support women through their unplanned pregnancies. 

Our center offers no-cost pregnancy confirmation, ultrasounds, and other medical services. Simply call 812-234-8059 or schedule your appointment online. We’re here for you.